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Public Art Tour with John Wullbrandt

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Facing Ourselves Project

Facing Ourselves Seal Fountain

Reflecting the diverse community of Carpinteria, the international portrait project Facing Ourselves created by Patricia Houghton Clarke was displayed not only in the Charles Lo Bue Gallery but also with banners on Linden Avenue.  From October 18, 2019 to November 4, 2019, a wide variety of activities were put on to acknowledge the immigrants joining us in our community, including the gallery exhibition, poetry workshops and readings, a school Essay competition, Conversations With Kids, and an Artist Talk.

Facing Ourselves Carp and Linden 1

"The portraits gently remind us that regardless of their respective histories and legacies, the subjects share the same hopes and desires, love and empathy, and wishes and dreams as we do. That they are not strangers we are coming face to face with, but rather, friends and neighbors and that we are ultimately facing ourselves.

Now, Facing Ourselves is an on-going collection of community projects that confronts the challenges, misunderstanding, and stigma and accompanies forced migration around the world. The goal is to drive the conversation of merging cultures to create compassionate communities."
     -Patricia Houghton Clarke



Fires and floods the winter of 2018 - the healing process was community-wide and the Carpinteria Arts Center was honored to help.  We were part of the "Story Catcher Mailbox Project".  People wrote letters of GRIEF and PRAISE to those who helped, who lost, who hurt, who rebuilt; they placed the letters in the giant mailbox at our door.  The mailbox has since moved on and is doing good work with another community in answering a specific need.  Click HERE for more info on the project.  

2018 SCMP - photo from FB page Instagram - 1
SCMP - photo from FB page Instagram - 2
SCMP - photo from FB page Instagram - 3


California Mural on Carpinteria Avenue

These bus benches can be found around Carpinteria at all the bus stops.

Patty & Valerie prepping the bus benches

Gary painting his beautiful purple flowers

Sara & Donna painting honeysuckle vines and butterflies

Stepping back to look at the finished artworks