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The Artists Studio Tour - May 2019

Hosted by the Arts Center.  We promote and support our local artists with this opportunity for the public to meet them, view their work, and explore their creative space.  

This year, we have 31 artists who will open their doors to visitors to savor a glimpse behind the scenes where the creative process unfolds.  

TOUR: May 11 & 12 - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE & TOUR MAP to travel around visiting each artist location.  The tour is self-led, so take your time at each stop as you follow the map.  

GROUP SHOW: May 9 - 20 - 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Participating artists will be part of an exhibit at the Arts Center gallery during the tour.  The public will be able to preview artwork and enjoy an opportunity to purchase.  A portion of each piece sold benefits programs at the Arts Center.  Gallery is open each day of the week except Tuesday and Wednesday.

RECEPTION: May 10, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  The tour and group show will kick off with a reception at the Arts Center gallery.  Meet participating artists as featured guests, and gather with an art-loving community to celebrate the start of another annual tour.


2019 Artists Studio Tour - Terry Duddridge
Terry Duddridge

2019 - Artists Studio Tour - Terry Duddridge - 2
Coastal View News 3/13/15, photo by Antony Machiando
Terry Duddridge has been a participating artist in the tour for many years.  She delights in opening her world both physically and mentally with visiting art lovers in showing and telling about her creative process.

more artist listings to come soon....


2019 - Artists Studio Tour - Mountain Air Sports - 3

2019 - Artists Studio Tour - Mountain Air Sports - 1
MOUNTAIN AIR SPORTS is a locally owned and operated outdoor and ski shop.  They started in 1975 on the central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo and expanded into the Santa Barbara area in 1980. 

2019 - Artists Studio Tour - Mountain Air Sports - 2
They specialize in hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and travel.

Mountain Air Sports | 14 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 • (805) 962.0049 | mountainairports.com  | @mountainairsports

more sponsor listings to come soon....


2018 Tour

2018 Leigh Sparks
Leigh Sparks
The 2018 tour was an incredible experience for an unprecendented number of people around the world - visitors hailed from our local region to far away international locales.  

2018 Arturo Tello
Arturo Tello
Enjoy the artwork below from participating artists in the 2018 tour. There were an unbelievable 32 total local artists who opened their doors to the public.  For reference, see the 2018 MAP - CLICK HERE.

2018 Pamela Hill Enticknap
Pamela Hill Enticknap

2018 Allison Gobbell
Allison Gobbell

2018 Larry Mancini
Larry Mancini

2018 Janet Villa Leman
Janet Villa Leman

2018 Bonnie Rubenstein
Bonnie Rubenstein

2018 Kim Snyder
Kim Snyder

2018 Tom Henderson
Tom Henderson

2018 Matthew Stork
Matthew Stork

2018 Michael Irwin
Michael Irwin

2018 Birgitte Ibsen
Birgitte Ibsen

2018 Rebecca Stebbins
Rebecca Stebbins

2018 Doris Drabbe
Doris Drabbe

2018 Chris Baker
Chris Baker

2018 Sharon Dal Pozzo
Sharon Dal Pozzo

2018 Sharon Schock
Sharon Schock

2018 Ted Rhodes
Ted Rhodes

2018 Patricia Clarke
Patricia Clarke

2018 Heather Young
Heather Young

2018 Cortnie Alter
Cortnie Alter

2018 Simone Reddingius
Simone Reddingius

2018 Joe Sacks
Joe Sacks, The Tree Sculptor

2018 Bonnie Kelm
Bonnie Kelm

2018 Crafty Ladies
Crafty Ladies

2018 Larry Nimmer
Larry Nimmer

2018 Miri Mara Ceramics
Miri Mara Ceramics

2018 Beth Schmohr
Beth Schmohr

2018 Reeve Woolpert
Reeve Woolpert

2018 Blair Harper Blair Harper


The Artists Studio Tour was established by the Carpinteria Arts Center in 2007 to promote and support our local artists with this annual opportunity for the public to meet them, view their work, and explore their creative studios.

The Artists Studio Tour takes place annually each May during Mother's Day weekend.  

For more information about the Artists Studio Tour, please contact Ted Rhodes at [email protected]