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ART TOUR - The Sacred Space

Wednesday, April 03, 2019 at 01:30 PM to 02:30 PM
ART TOUR - The Sacred Space - 1

Members: $10  
Non-Members: $11

ART TOUR - The Sacred Space - 2
ART TOUR - The Sacred Space - 3
Antique painting from Cambodia
ART TOUR - The Sacred Space - 4
ART TOUR - The Sacred Space - 5

Once you enter The Sacred Space, you are greeted with a variety of art from Tibet, Bali, Java, Thailand, Nepal, India, Indonesia and China.

Our guide will describe the beginnings of these spiritual surroundings and will beckon you to seek your own personal awakening.  

Enjoy tea in the lotus garden and learn about several specific pieces and their place in this meditative atmosphere.

For great detail on this amazing place, click HERE to explore their website.  The imagery here is from their website.

The below is from their Facebook page.

"Treasures from Heaven Available on Earth"

We take trips to Asia hunting for items that are unique, rare, historic, religious, or related to personal growth.  

Come and sip a cup of tea as you wander our gardens and showrooms.

View thousands of inspirational and one-of-a-kind treasures, garden art, art, inspirational antique furniture, architectural pieces, deity statues (in brass, porcelain, gold, silver, stone, marble, crystal, wood, and resins), crystals, candles, incense, fountains, music, books, CD books, orchids, and out of this world jewelry.  

Our items have special connections to us and then their purchasers.

ART TOUR - The Sacred Space - 6
ART TOUR - The Sacred Space - 7