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Art In Film Series - Exterior of Alcazar Theater
Exterior of The Alcazar Theater, Carpinteria CA

Showing at The Alcazar Theater located at 4916 Carpinteria Avenue.  Hosted by the Carpinteria Arts Center.  Suggested donation at the box office: $5  

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Art In Film Series - interior of Alcazar Theater Interior of The Alcazar Theater, Carpinteria CA


Score movie poster

Winner of 7 international film festival awards, Score gives insight into the world's finest film composers, who uncover the secrets behind film music, from crafting emotions and making it in Hollywood, to the tricks of giving an audience goosebumps.  Featuring composers Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Inception), Quincy Jones (The Color Purple, The Pawnbroker, In Cold Blood), Randy Newman (Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Natural), Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Seven), Trent Reznor (The Social Network, Gone Girl, Nine Inch Nails), Tom Holkenborg (Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman v. Superman) and more. Plus, hear rare insight from director James Cameron and the legacy of James Horner, along with one of the final interviews conducted with legendary director Garry Marshall.

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Prior Films



Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 1
Beauty Is Embarrassing - Future You Pictures
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 3
Beauty Is Embarrassing - Future You Pictures
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 4
Beauty Is Embarrassing - Future You Pictures
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 5
Wayne White created a sculpture with automated moving parts called "Big Lick Boom" that paid tribute to Roanoke's rail history
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 6
Wayne White, by Bettina Von Schneyder
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 7
Beauty is Embarrassing Facebook
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 8
Beauty is Embarrassing Facebook
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 9
Wayne White, Beauty is Embarrassin
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 10
Wayne White, Run Down The Road To Your Momma's House And Tell Her I'm Back

A funny, irreverent, joyful and inspiring documentary featuring the life and current times of one of America’s most important artists, Wayne White.

Raised in the mountains of Tennessee, Wayne started his career as a cartoonist in New York City.  He quickly found success as one of the creators of the TV show, “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”, which led to more work designing some of the most arresting and iconic images in pop culture.  Most recently, his word paintings, which feature pithy and often sarcastic text statements crafted onto vintage landscape paintings, have made him a darling of the fine art world.

BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING chronicles the vaulted highs and the crushing lows of a commercial artist struggling to find peace and balance between his work and his art.  Acting as his own narrator, Wayne guides us through his life using moments from his latest creation: a hilarious, biographical one-man show.  The pieces are drawn from performances at venues in Tennessee, New York and Los Angeles including the famous Roseland Ballroom and the Largo Theater.

Whether he’s parading a twenty-foot-tall puppet through the Tennessee hillside, romping around the Hollywood Hills dressed in his LBJ puppet suit, relaxing in his studio picking his banjo, or watching his children grow up much too soon, Wayne always seems to have a youthful grin and a desperate drive to create art and objects.  It is an infectious quality that will inspire everyone to find their pleasure in life and pursue it at all costs.  At its core, this film is a reminder that we should all follow our passion. It is those creative impulses that will lead us to where we need to go.  (Excerpt from beautyisembarrassing.com)

Read the below film review from the New York Times ("Far Beyond 'Playhouse,’ Artist Remains Playful”).

“Playhouse” contributors — Mr. Reubens, the artist Gary Panter and the musician Mark Mothersbaugh — recount the show’s hothouse of invention, especially during its first season, when it was shot in a Manhattan loft. Mr. White designed and provided voices for some of the marionettes, including the musician Dirty Dog and the troublemaker Randy.

A documentary highlight is priceless backstage footage taken at the time by Mr. White. “Playhouse,” he has said, “was a downtown New York art project on TV.”

But life after “Playhouse” — Mr. White followed the show to Los Angeles — had its challenges. Despite award-winning work in music videos (the Smashing Pumpkins, Peter Gabriel), he struggled in children’s TV (“Beakman’s World,” “Shining Time Station”). Then he found his own answer to Warhol’s Brillo boxes: wry, droll or superficial statements, often comments on the South or the venality of Hollywood (“Maybe Now I’ll Get the Respect I So Richly Deserve”), scrambled on a canvas or meticulously emblazoned across cheesy landscape paintings.

The Los Angeles restaurant Fred62 displayed the pictures, and soon the designer Todd Oldham was inspired to assemble a monograph of Mr. White’s work.  "Bang!” Mr. White says. “I’m in the art world, just like that.”

There are other forces sustaining Mr. White: his wife, the graphic novelist Mimi Pond, and their children; his banjo and harmonica; and his connections to the South. Seeing Mr. White parading in an oversize Lyndon B. Johnson head mask or assembling a giant puppet with his Tennessee buddy Mike Quinn, we appreciate the liberating, delirious joy of creativity.

But this exuberant documentary’s most affecting message concerns a timelessly profound verity: the value of roots, humor, family and old friends.

Directed by Neil Berkeley.  

Written (story) by Neil BerkeleyChris Bradley, and Kevin Klauber.

Cast includes Wayne White (himself), Paul Reubens (himself), Mimi Pond (herself), Matt Mothersbaugh (himself), Matt Groening (himself).  

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Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 2 Wayne White in an oversize mask of Lyndon B. Johnson - Beauty Is Embarrassing - Future You Pictures
Art in Film Series - Beauty is Embarrassing - 11 Wayne White, Sexy Paintings By Sexy Painters For Sexy People



Films - And Still I Rise - 1
Films - and Still I Rise - 3

Films - And Still I Rise - 2
This is the award winning, first-ever documentary on Dr. Maya Angelou – Author and Pulitzer Prize nominee (“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”), Civil Rights Activist, Teacher, Poet (04/04/28 – 05/28/14). 

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”

Films - and Still I Rise - 14

Films - and Still I Rise - 4
Films - and Still I Rise - 6
Films - and Still I Rise - 5
Films - and Still I Rise - 7
Films - and Still I Rise - 8
Films - and Still I Rise - 9

Films - and Still I Rise - 13
Watch the official trailer HERE.  

Film description from the official site, http://mayaangeloufilm.com.

The film presents her incredible journey, shedding light on the untold aspects of her life with remarkable unmatched access.   This intimate and personal portrait of Dr. Maya Angelou’s life is a touching and moving tribute to her legacy.

Distinctly referred to as “a redwood tree, with deep roots in American culture,” Maya Angelou gave people the freedom to think about their history in a way they never had before. Dr. Angelou’s was a prolific life; as a singer, dancer, activist, poet, and writer she inspired generations with lyrical modern African-American thought that pushed boundaries.

This unprecedented film weaves her words with rare and intimate archival photographs and videos, which paint hidden moments of her exuberant life during some of America’s most defining moments. From her upbringing in the Depression-era South to her work with Malcolm X in Ghana to her inaugural poem for President Bill Clinton, the film takes us on an incredible journey through the life of a true American icon.

The film also features a remarkable series of interviews with friends and family including President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Common, Alfre Woodard, Cicely Tyson, Quincy Jones, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, John Singleton and Dr. Angelou’s son, Guy Johnson.

The film premiered to critical acclaim at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.  It won the Audience Award at AFI Docs and was featured at notable fests worldwide including Full Frame, Sheffield Docs, Boulder Film Fest, and Riverrun, winning 9 awards on 3 continents. 

The film is a co-production of The People Poet Media Group, LLC, American Masters Pictures, and ITVS in association with Artemis Rising.

FUNDING FOR MAYA ANGELOU: AND STILL I RISE PROVIDED BY: Ford Foundation/JUST FILMS • IDP Foundation • National Endowment for the Arts • National Black Programming Consortium • Corporation for Public Broadcasting • Loida & Leslie Lewis • Michael Metelits

Directed by Bob Hercules, Rita Coburn Whack. 

"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope." 

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Images courtesy of film Facebook page and film official site.

#mayaangelouquotes#mayaangeloufilm #andstillirise

Films - and Still I Rise - 11

Films - and Still I Rise - 10




David Hockney "A Bigger Picture"

Filmed over three years, this documentary captures David Hockney’s return from California to paint the East Yorkshire landscape of his childhood. It follows his move away from photography to find renewal in nature, working outside for the first time, through the seasons and in all weathers.

As the film reaches an epic climax, a revealing portrait emerges of what inspires today’s greatest living British artist.

View a compilation of David Hockney's "A Bigger Picture" exhibition - CLICK HERE.


Art Films - Economy of Grace - 6
Kehinde Wiley (American, born 1977). The Two Sisters, 2012. Oil on linen, 96 x 72 in.

Kehinde specializes in combining beauty, chance, fantasy and the real– a talent only partially represented in his gorgeous paintings. This film offers a unique perspective into the fullness of his process and the characters at play.  In the end, An Economy of Grace offers up a tantalizing inside look at the intersection of art and fashion, both of museums and of the streets. The film is an intimate portrait of one of this generation’s most intriguing and accomplished visionaries, and an exploration of what beauty is in the 21st century.  (From website of producer, Show of Force.)

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Art in Film Series - City of Gold - 1

CITY OF GOLD is about the transformative power of food and food writing in how we experience where we live.  Pulitzer Prize winning critic, Jonathan Gold, is our Virgilian guide, casting his light upon a vibrant and growing cultural movement, a movement in which he plays the dual roles of high-low priest and culinary geographer of his beloved Los Angeles.  

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Art In Film Series

This film explores the life of Lutah Maria Riggs, who designed the Lobero Theater, Vedanta Temple and the Botanic Garden. 

Riggs was integral to rebuilding a damaged Santa Barbara after the 1925 earthquake. 

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Art In Film Series - Deli Man

A look at the history of delicatessens in the United States.  The film explores Jewish culture as it reflects the heart of a vital ethnic history. 

Learn about traditions that make deli one of America’s great cuisines.

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Art In Film Series - Brief Encounters

A film shot over a decade with unprecedented access to the photographer Gregory Crewdson and the artist’s process.

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Art In Film Series - My Shakespeare - Romeo & Juliet for a New Generation

This documentary follows twenty non-actors from a disadvantaged neighborhood in London as they put on a production at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London's West End.

The performers will have four weeks to explore Shakespeare's great play of love and loss, Romeo and Juliet.  The novice cast - under the direction of British actor Paterson Joseph and mentored by celebrated Australian film director Baz Luhrmann - revitalizes the classic with their raw performance.  The play's enduring message has an unexpected resonance with the cast.  Through a hybrid of drama and documentary, the directors will explore the themes and history behind Shakespeare's most famous theatrical production.



Art In Film Series - Muscle Shoals

Located on the banks of the Tennessee River, Muscle Shoals is the unlikely breeding ground for some of the most creative and defiant music in American history.  Under the spiritual influence of the "Singing River" as Native Americans called it, the music of Muscle Shoals is some of the most important and resonant of all time. "I'll Take You There", "Brown Sugar", "When a Man Loves a Woman", "I Never Loved A Man the Way That I Loved You", "Mustang Sally", "Tell Mama", "Kodachrome", and "Freebird" are just a few of the tens of thousands of tracks created there.

At its heart is Rick Hall who founded FAME Studios.  Overcoming crushing poverty and staggering tragedies, he brought black and white musicians together to create music that would last for generations while also giving to birth to the unique 'Muscle Shoals sound' and the rhythm section 'The Swampers'.  

In this film legendary artists including Aretha Franklin, Greg Allman, Bono, Clarence Carter, Jimmy Cliff, Mick Jagger, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Wilson Pickett, Keith Richards, Percy Sledge, Steve Winwood and others bear witness to the magnetism and mystery of Muscle Shoals and why it remains a global influence today.

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