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Dana Karpain

Dana Karpain Carpinteria Artist

About the Artist: 

Dana Karpain was born and raised in Redondo Beach CA. He graduated from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in Fine Art. He has served as the Art Director for the “Center for the Peaceful Self” in Ojai, CA, as well as a Yoga Retreat and Conference Center in Virginia where he garnered the PIVA (Printing Industries of Virginia) award.

Dana incorporates his extensive computer graphic, layout and design background within his Fine Art. His distinctive art work and subject matter is also strongly influenced, in addition to having lived at a yoga ashram, by his world travel to six continents and over twenty-seven countries. He presently lives in Ojai, CA and has won numerous awards for his Fine Art. Dana’s most recent shows have been at the Center for the Peaceful Self in Ojai; the world headquarters of the Synopsis Corporation in Silicon Valley; the Soho Restaurant and Music Club in Santa Barbara; and The Carpinteria Art Center.

About the work:

Dana Karpain’s art work contains a unique understanding and energy from the diverse life experiences and environments that influenced its creation, such as the business world, the yoga ashram, and world travel. Dana combines the rich fabric of these varied experiences with his knowledge of design, color, texture and subject matter as a means of self-discovery. The composition is a continuing exploration of thoughts which express what he truly wants in the most positive sense. These thoughts subsequently generate positive feelings from which he creates and brings the arrangements to life. Hopefully, the completed work communicates this positive energy and keeps it flowing for all that come into contact with the work to experience.

Some of the Shows, Awards & Galleries: 

California Federation of Woman’s Clubs Marina District Fine Arts Show (First Place); Half Moon Bay Fine Arts Show (First Place); Redondo Beach King Harbor Marina Fine Arts Show (First Place); PIVA Award (Printing Industries of Virginia award for layout and design); Synopsis Corporation Art Show (World Headquarters, Silicon Valley); Santa Barbara Arts walk Show; Buddha Abides Art Show, Santa Barbara CA; Soho Restaurant and Music Club,Santa Barbara CA; The Carpinteria Art Center, CA; Central Coast Art Gallery, Santa Cruz CA; The Center for the Peaceful Self, Ojai, CA; Crown Plaza Art Gallery, Ventura CA

Related Work Experience: 

Painting (acrylic, oil, watercolor, various mediums); Sculpture (casting, carving, welding, ferro-cement, resin/fiberglass, general construction); Art Director; Graphic Designer; Corporate Sales; Art material Sales; Audio/Visual work; Photography; World Travel.

Style and Themes:

Contemporary Art Design; Painted Prayers


Travel, Meditation; Nature; Color; Design.

Special Interests:

Health; Exercise; Nutrition; Yoga (Self-Growth); Travel; Surfing; Snorkel and Scuba Diving.

Things people are saying:

“Your work is beautiful.”
—Andrew Pham, Senior Graphic Designer, Concord Music Group, Beverly Hills, CA

“Dana Karpain is a talented, professional and dedicated artist with extraordinary vision.”
—Shirley Polovy, Art Gallery Business Consultant, Carmel, CA

I feel Dana Karpain’s art work is simple, elegant and peaceful…I love it!”
Vaylen Anderson, Big Bear, CA

“Life’s a beach. Artist Dana Karpain’s tropical-themed paintings are packed with sunshine and will give you a summery feeling all over.”
—Santa Barbara Independent, Santa Barbara, CA

“Your work is really beautiful and I wish it fit in my home’s general decor, if I win the lottery I will build a new house just for one of your paintings. Thank you for sharing your art!!” 
—Michele Parola, Santa Barbara, Ca

“I love Dana Karpain’s artwork; it is so playful and magnanimous!”
—Kristen Hoye, Yoga Instructor and owner of Transformational Movement, Santa Barbara, CA

“I really like Dana Karpain’s artwork. It’s delightful, and “beachwalk-y.”
—Julie Simpson, Editor, Carpinteria, CA



Tropical Abstract Design #12

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