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Lanny Sherwin

Photography, Origami, Drawing, Painting...
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About the Artist

Lanny Sherwin

Lanny Sherwin - Biography

Lanny Sherwin has been engaged in the creative arts for most of his life: writing, editing, photography, music, origami, drawing, painting...

Some have been for business, such as being President of Gulfshore Publishing Co., Inc., which published magazines. Some have been for whimsy, such as being lead guitarist for the seminal oldies band, "Midlife Crisis." Underneath all of them has been a stream of curiosity, a naivete, and a desire to achieve the highest quality regardless of the medium.

Lanny Sherwin
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Lanny has been creating art for about 15 years and began to focus on painting in 2011. He has accumulated a body of work that displays growth, focus, and heart. Landscapes, figurative, still life, and wildlife all attract his interest, and he approaches each with enthusiasm and creativity. 30 of his paintings have been in shows in the last 5 years.

By the way, Lanny is also President of the children's record label, Sandman Records. He has released 5 kids' CDs, each of which follows his label's motto: "DON'T DRIVE PARENTS CRAZY!  His CDs have won over 50 music awards.  Check out the music at, www.SandmanRecords.com.

In 2015 Lanny combined his passions for music and painting and released "Songs To Paint By" - original smooth jazz instrumentals to inspire your creative soul. Available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc., under The Lanny Sherwin Jazz Project.

In previous lives, Lanny was a sea turtle researcher; a newspaper editor; a magazine publisher; ran 9 marathons (PR: 2:47); rode 5 centurys (100 miles) on his bike; and has shared the stage with Henry Kissinger, Barbara Walters, & Mike Wallace. He lives in Santa Barbara, CA, with his wife, Holly, and their son, Alec.


  • California Art Club
  • National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society
  • American Impressionist Society
  • SCAPE (Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment)
  • California Art League
  • Portrait Society of America 


  • 1998 - 2003 Drawing with Charles Brindley (Nashville, TN)
  • 2011 With Greg Leroy (2011 - present)
  • 2013 With Marcia Burtt ​(Cambria, CA)
    Plein Air Conference, Monterey, CA ​
  • 2015 With Casey Baugh (Venice, CA)
    Plein Air Conference, Monterey, CA
  • 2016 Portrait Society of America Conference (Washington, DC)
    With Thomas van Stein (Santa Barbara, CA)
    With Chris Potter (Santa Barbara, CA)
    With Tony Askew (Santa Barbara, CA) 



“Portrait of Sam”, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (“Animals")

“Owl Eyes” published in “A Mosaic of Poetry for Kids” by Lucky Penny Press


“Owl Eyes”, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (“Nature”)​

“When Pigeons Dream ...”, “Twins” show, Santa Barbara Tennis Club

“Black Beauty” & “Maillot Jaune”, Santa Barbara Art Assn. "Art Harvest" Show

“Owl Eyes”, “Black Beauty”, “Maillot Jaune”, Meisel Gallery, Cottage Hospital

"Uncle George's Barn", Special Merit Award, Light, Space, Time Online Gallery

"Peckin' & Grinnin'", Light Space and Time Online Gallery ("Countryside")

“Outriggering the Swell” chosen FAV15, FASO BoldBrush Competition.

"Eye of the Cheetah" & "Black Beauty", Westmont Museum of Art, Santa Barbara


"A Yellow Hat Kind of Day", "Naples Pier", ("Petite Landscapes"), SB Tennis Club

"Lazin' at the Lake", California Art Club ("Summer Dreams")

"Horse and Farmhouse", Sullivan Goss annual "100 GRAND" show

"Eye of the Tiger" Special Merit Award, Light Space Time Online (“Nature”)

"The Look" & "Hawkeye", ("Angels & Things with Wings") Santa Barbara, CA

"The Hunger", The Arts Fund

"Masai Mara Morning", Endangered: Art4Apesshow

"Portrait of Joshua Bell", Colors of Humanity Art Gallery (“Celebrate”)

"Paddle Power", National Oil & Acrylic Painters' Society Winter '14 show


"Done for the Day”, in Sullivan Goss “100 GRAND”, Santa Barbara

"A Red Hat Kind of Day", Colors of Humanity Art Gallery’s Feb exhibit, ("RED")

"Passing It On", CASA Magazine's ("The Art of Love")

"Je Suis Charlie", hung in Santa Barbara Mayor's, Helene Schneider, office

"JimiJam", "Fiesta Flamenco", & "Joshua Bell", San Fernando Valley Arts Alliance

"Passing It On" & "Portrait of James", Colors of Humanity Art Gallery (“Open”)

"Passing It On", California Art League show ("Native Beginnings)"

"Portrait of JNS", FAV15 in the Jan'15 BoldBrush Painting competition

"Horse and Farmhouse (after Armin Hansen)" NOAPS '15 show

"Hawkeye", Special Merit Award,  Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

"Turbo Cat" & "Hawkeye", Colors of Humanity Art Gallery (“Animals”)

"Joshua Bell," "James," & Alec", Artist Portfolio Magazine: "Portraits"


"Done for the Day", S.C.A.P.E ("Farm to Wall") 

"Done for the Day", S.C.A.P.E. Wilding Museum show

"Big Sur Serenity", Sullivan Goss "100 GRAND" show

"Done for the Day", Art Muse, Budding Artist Finalist

"Mane Man", Art Muse, Budding Artist Finalist

"JimiJam" & "Glowing, Glowing, Gone", S.C.A.P.E. ("Small Pieces")

"Saxativity", California Art Club ("Musical Motifs")

"Checking In", Ciel Gallery (Charlotte, NC), ("Gimmie Shelter")


"Toucan" Honorable Mention, Carpinteria Arts Center "Drawn In" show


"The Road Not Taken" commissioned by former Chrmn, Cleveland Museum of Art

"Wedding Tree" commissioned as a wedding present for a family in Houston, TX

"Hahn Home" commissioned to capture a childhood home in Pacific Palisades, CA

"Kodiak" commissioned for a childrens' book publisher

"Judd" commissioned for a patron's daughter's birthday

Lanny Sherwin Carpinteria Artist

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