855 Linden Ave.
Carpinteria, CA 93013

Staff at the Carpinteria Arts Center

David Powdrell, Executive Director 

David Powdrell - Staff

David is passionate about the arts; he is a local photographer talented in capturing the soul of everyday life and the spirit of beauty in his countless images.  His work may be viewed at https://www.davidpowdrell.com.  He is also a musician who plays keyboards for a favorite local band, "The Nombres".  Particulary interested in engaging children in the arts, his involvement in the Arts Center goes back over a decade.

David was named "Carpinterian of the Year" for the year 2014, an annual local honor bestowed upon outstanding individuals recognized for their community service.  He has a private practice as a Certified Public Accountant.  David earned a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado and a Masters degree in Taxation from Howard Taft University.

He has also served on the boards for Summer Solstice, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, and Friends of the Carpinteria Library; as well, he has served as Treasurer for the Carpinteria Morning Rotary Club.

Kristina Calkins, Arts Center Coordinator

Kristina Calkins - Staff

As the Arts Center Coordinator, Kristina manages the business administration, operational requirements, and programs execution for a successful and productive facility as well as for an engaged and excited community.

Kristina brings her considerable business acumen and professional skill set to the benefit of the staff and board, as well as to the community writ large who benefit from the incredible array of programs and activity happening each week under her care.  

She is of particular critical positive impact to our success each year of the "Arts by the Sea" summer camp program.  Hundreds of children arrive each summer for the seven weeks of arts education, and she stewards their days to be filled with memorable activity and summer fun; at the end of each week, the art show and musical/dramatic performance is the capstone of their time with us and Kristina ensures parents and children alike look forward to coming back for more.  

Kristina also manages the seasonal semester-based classes and workshops for youth and adults.  Integrally engaged with the Program Commitee, she explores the creative potential out there in the community and builds a home for teachers to bring their artistic skills and transfer them to students of the Arts Center.  The programs are crafted by semesters tied to the seasons, and she manages the entirety of the business administrative processes required to offer such depth and breadth of opportunity to the community, including database management, accounting, registration, etc.

Additionally, she manages the recruitment, placement, and appreciation of the amazing volunteers who contribute countless hours to the spectrum of work occuring at the Arts Center.  Her kind and friendly demeanor attract and retain community members of all ages to roll up their sleeves and get involved.  It is her personal touch that most volunteers remember, as well as her real interest in their volunteer experience being one of creative depth and experiential satisfaction.  

Kristina earned a Bachelors degree from Westmont College with a double major in International Relations and Spanish.  She is a well-known and well-loved local volunteer in our schools and Girl Scouts, helping to bring arts programs into the classroom and serving in troop leadership positions for over 10 years.  Her dedication to others earned her the "Silver Volunteer Service Award" in 2015 from the President of the United States for completing over 450 volunteer hours in a single year.  

Kristina has travelled extensively internationally her whole life and currently has a passion for exchange student programming, hosting up to four international students in her home each year, while educating her talented daughters on the art and culture of the beautiful world in which we live.

Lann Phoenix, Administrative Assistant and Web and Graphic Designer


Lann manages the website, creates the program fliers, event posters, and online forms for the art center, and also sees to I.T. installation and documentation.  A digital painter and a writer, Lann brings an artistic and critical eye to promotional fliers and webpage layout, as well as organizing backend codes for smooth administrative operations in the staff’s software.

As a native Carpinterian, Lann has grown with the city all of their life and is proud to be part of its community.  Even with a technological background and skillset, Lann’s favorite places in the city are the Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve and the Seal Sanctuary overlook.

Lann graduated from CSU Monterey Bay with a Bachelor’s of Science and an emphasis in 3D modeling and animation, receiving a Best Integrated Capstone award for an interactive project that combined 3D assets and programming in C#.  Proficiencies in graphic design, image-editing software, and computer building were also part of the department's program.

Lann’s most recent personal artistic endeavors involve the creation of environmental and character assets for interactive stories, as well as looking into the future of 3D printing for its artistic and practical uses.

Katie McGee, Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator

Katie McGee - Staff

Bio coming soon!